Why Attend A Golf School


"Why didn't my pro back home tell me that?" That question and ones similar are heard frequently during the course of our golf school programs. Why didn't he? The answer may be simpler than you might expect.

Your local golf professional performs a multitude of duties, all geared toward increasing your enjoyment of the game and keeping your club running smoothly. Given the changing nature of the club life and the golf professional's role within the club, more than anything he has become a businessman and an administrator. In most cases, his livelihood depends on operating a profitable golf shop, a driving range, golf cart concessions, tournaments, men's and women's leagues, junior golf programs, club storage, etc...

Add to that the widely-divergent needs of countless individual members and the nettlesome, but necessary activities such as, inventory and managing a golf staff and whatever other duties that may surface in day-to-day operations. It is no wonder that he has less time to spend on developing good teacher/communication skills for teaching the game of golf.
We are not implying that all golf professionals are bad teachers. We are merely pointing out that many traditional golf pros are spending less time on the range and more time delegated to other duties.

Another significant difference between the golf lessons you take at home and the golf instruction you receive at our golf school is our ideal learning environment. Squeezing in a half hour golf lesson between rounds of golf, just after a tennis match, or after a long day at the office is not an effective way to learn or refine motor skills. Our golf school has the significant advantage of having your attention and our commitment for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 full days of golf instruction. Because all we do is provide golf instruction, you spend 40% of your time learning on the golf course.
We build a personalized golf instruction program that will benefit you in the future by capturing your golf lessons on video so that you may relive your golf instruction when needed.

We have built a reputation for teaching excellence based on results because:

1. Our golf instruction staff is very knowledgeable about the fundamentals of the golf swing and all are effective communicators with a minimum of 15 years working for United States Golf Schools.

2. Our golf school establishes the best environment for our students to learn the game of golf.

3. By conducting thousands of golf lessons each year, we sharpen our knowledge of the golf swing, allowing us to perfect our ability to analyze your golf swing and to effectively communicate the best course of action to improve your swing in every golf lesson. 

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